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Throughout last few years we have managed to visit, make research on and photograph more than 200 sites of natural value in Cracow and its vicinity.

Cracow turns out to be one of the most differentiated city in Europe concerning biodiversity. It offers the tourist many capabilities to observe nature together with monuments and other cultural heritage.

We have divided our offer into 4 sections:

-         1 – day nature and birdwatching workshops in Cracow

-         1 – day nature and birdwatching workshops near Cracow

-         2 – 10 days nature and birdwatching workshops in different regions of Poland

-         5 – 8 days nature, cultural photography workshops

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I offer a variety of nature trips:

1. Overnight calling – in quest of Corn crake, Grasshopper Warbler, Nightingale, River Warbler, Quail within the city limits – 1-day evening workshops

During these workshops we will focus on searching for the species active during twilight and at night. Depending on the season these are going to be Owls (early spring) or Rails (spring, summer). Summer workshops take place at the ponds in Zator, Natura 2000 area.

2. Uniqueness at your fingertips – Corn crake, Woodpeckers (Black, Grey-headed, Green, Middle Spotted, Great Spotted, Syrian) - 1-day workshops within the city limits

These workshops focus on the observation of species considered a huge attraction, especially for foreigners, as they are very rare or non-existent in their countries. The location of workshops is dependent on the season, but usually we will travel around various environments within a radius of 100 km around Cracow.

3. A breath of former wilderness – an expedition to Niepołomice Forest – 1-day workshops

Workshops take place in Niepołomice Forest, around 30 minutes away in the easterly direction from Cracow. We will focus on discovering fascinating corners of the forest and searching for rare species including woodpeckers, owls and birds of prey.

4. Cracow’s nature – rare species of fauna and flora, places with intriguing nature – 1-day workshops

These workshops focus on visiting places with the most fascinating nature and landscape around Cracow and its surroundings.

5. Biebrza and Białowieża – birds’ paradise – 6-day expedition

Biebrza and Białowieża are magical places, their unique nature attracts naturalists from all over the world.

A trip to Biebrza River valley and Białowieża Forest lasts minimum 6 days with 2 days for departing from and returning to Cracow included. During one day you will get to see the most interesting places in Białowieża only. We will devote 3 days to discover the beauty of the biebrza swamps.

It may appear, that driving across the whole Poland would be a waste of time and there’s no use undertaking this more tiring option. However, we are going to pass by many regions with intriguing nature and culture, which otherwise you’d probably never get to see. I have a great deal of knowledge about nature, history, culture and geography of Poland, so you will certainly learn a lot of curiosities even on the road.

6. Zator Fish Ponds – birds’ paradise – 1-day expedition

Zator Fish Ponds are one of the most important nature refuges in southern Poland. The complex of ponds was created back in the Middle Ages and constitutes one of the few existing places in the area that are still in use. Ponds act as a refuge for rare species of birds and more than 280 species have been recognized in their vicinity.  The best season to visit ponds is spring.

1-day workshops begin at dawn and last till midday. There is also a possibility to start workshops in the afternoon, and finish at night. Each option has its own special charm.

7. 200 species of birds in 10 days – Polish nature in a nutshell – 10-day expedition

The headline may seem to be overly ambitious, yet feasible. It is possible in the spring and early summer. Birds’ activity during the breeding season enables us to complete such rich collection in various environments. Obviously to make it happen I choose the most interesting spots, mostly national parks, where we can be certain to meet particular birds.

10-day workshops take place in Podlasie – region in north-eastern Poland, where we can find among others the famous Biebrza and Białowieża.

8. Wolves, bears, eagles and Corn crakes – 7-day expedition to polish mountains

All these animals can be seen at once only in polish mountains and during our expedition we will attempt to get to see them in Bieszczady Mts. in south-eastern part of the country. 7-day expedition is also a perfect opportunity to get to know more about the culture of the region and to admire intriguing landscapes.

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Starting from 220 Euro/person.

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Price: from 120 Euro/person - details in Program
Date of workshop: 2018-06-01
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