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I invite you to participate in workshops of my own design dedicated to heritage photo tours, nature and close-up photography. During the workshops I would like to share with you my photographic experience in often unique topics not organized by anyone else in Poland. These include i.a. sacral photography workshops which combine numerous aspects ranging from landscape to architecture. Similarly, the magic of fields, macrophotography and smartphone photography are all topics so original that it is truly worthwhile to explore them. Each course is described in detail in 6 tabs.

For those who are not fond of elaborate descriptions it may be a bit tiring. But believe me that I have done it for the convenience of participants so that they do not simply buy a pig in a poke, but a service precisely defined both in terms of schedule and themes.

  A comprehensive description of the workshops is one thing. Another thing – the most important – are the photographs. Good ones speak for themselves, and no descriptions, completed projects, professional experience, etc. will encourage people to participate in activities unless their Organiser’s photographic work is appealing to them. See if you like my photographs and would like to take similar ones.

This is a key criterion which may convince you to participate in my workshops. You need to know that the presented pictures were taken using various types of equipment, ranging from sets worth a dozen (seriously!) dollars to standard SLR and bright macro lens sets. These sets will be available to you during the workshops. If despite reading the descriptions, browsing through the Gallery, Workshop Rules, FAQ sections you still have some doubts – please feel free to write to me, or simply call.

I invite you to familiarize yourself with the subject of the workshops on the following subpages.

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